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Campaign Dashboard

I have built a Campaign Dashboard for Vassar College. This Dashboard helps break down and track various funds and constituencies to ensure a successful completion of the Campaign.

For Data Security purposes, since the raw data is secure financial data, I have built a secondary Dashboard in Tableau Public which has similar functionality and graphics but with a reduced and transformed/sanitized data set.


I have provided redacted images of the dashboard for reference.  

My K Means Algorithm

K Means Algorithm is an Clustering Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithm. It uses Euclidian distance from data points to central artificial centroids to assign clusters then re-evaluates and repeats the process until it settles on a result.


To decide a proper K value you can use the elbow method where you chart average distance between cluster points and then choose the k value at the elbow of the curve


I have implemented my own K means algorithm from scratch, and displayed its functionality with the classic Iris Dataset using R Shiny. For display purposes my algorithm lives in 2-space but where this algorithm truly shines is in n-space.  

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