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Blue Personal Objects


2020 - Present

  • I help lead the Organization in the creation, entry, and structure of data to ensure scalability and accuracy. I build and maintain multiple Data Models for different departments which take raw data and transform it into accurate, easy to access data ready for reporting and analysis

  • I use SQL on a daily basis to access, transform, analyze, and report on data. I maintain multiple stored procedures, views, jobs,  custom fields, and functions in a Microsoft SQL Server Database all of which keep front end CRM data and Reports up to date, accurate, and informative.

  • I have built many Data Solutions for multiple departments to create and provide easy to understand visualizations and analytical environments, from which they can explore and learn about the data, all the while being confident in the results they are seeing. This requires constant validation of results throughout and after the development process.

  • I work with various teams to understand their current business logic and needs, in order to provide novel reports which answers the questions they are asking. This includes understanding the data, how they use the data, and what they want to know from their data. From there I develop the structure of the data, and final business logic to conform to their needs as well as ensure scalability, accuracy, and acceptance.

Blue Personal Objects


2017 - 2019

Marist College | Bachelors of Science

Major: Data Science / Analytics

GPA: 3.8


  • Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society

  • Deans List 2018, 2019

Blue Personal Objects

& Expertise

● Access

● Algorithm Analysis & Design


● Data Analysis

● Database/Info Management


● Excel

● ggplot2

● Hadoop


● Java

● Machine Learning

● Oracle Analytics

● Python

● R

● R Shiny

● SPSS Modeler

● Spark




● Tableau

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